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Is it a Game...or is it more than a Game?

Is it just a game? Boston Red Sox fans point to October 27th, 2004 as the end of an 86-year old World Series Curse. Twelve years later, Cub fans by the thousands can easily tell you where they were and how they reacted when Kris Bryant's throw to Anthony Rizzo ended their own lengthy Curse. Yes, these were 2 games played on 2 particular dates, but what memories! On February 2, 2010, New Orleans fans finally exhaled when Tracy Porter's 74-yard pick-six in the 4th Quarter secured the Saints a Super Bowl win.  And then there's June 14, 1998, when Michael Jordan's made his last shot as a Chicago Bull. Fans still remember. You get the idea.

Is it more? A hundred miles or so south of Chicago are die-hard Cardinals fans. You've seen wacky Raiders fans and heard of Cleveland's Dawg Pound, but how about Red Sox Nation and Denver's Orange Crush? Pre-game rituals normally include large groups of fans tailgating, wearing team jerseys and showing off their painted faces. If you plan to go to a Vikings game, better know how to chant Skol. It's not just a team, it's their team; it's not just a city, it's their city. 

But let's go deeper: Dallas fans still cherish Dirk's #41 jersey. To Chicago fans, those who wore numbers 14, 23, and 34 still evoke deep affections and reverence. NY Yankees fans recognize the Bronx icons who wore 3, 4, and 7...can you? And who knew the person wearing 8 or 24 on a yellow LA jersey would leave us too soon? These were/are our heroes. We not only remember them; we still embrace them.

And deepest yet: It's those whom we saw those games with...a parent, a spouse, a son or daughter, or perhaps even a close friend. Those ticket stubs are kept for a reason - maybe for many reasons.

Sports-Journal sends out at least 4 Journal Notes newsletters per month: NBA, NFL, and one each for the American League and National League. You will also get a review of the recent season (stat leaders, noteworthy trades/streaks/games, and lists of rookies and award winners) as well as past seasons (5, 10, 20, 30, 40, and 50 years ago). See how much you remember! Which is it? A game, or more than a game? Find out and see!