History of the Chicago Bears 1983-2019

History of the Chicago Bears 1983-2019

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How did the Bears win the 1985 Super Bowl? Led by coach Mike Ditka and defensive coordinator Buddy Ryan, the club already included Payton, Singletary, Hampton, McMichael, McMahon, and Suhey. But the incredible '83 draft put them to the top. What follows: Payton's final 4 years, playoff games, two Super Bowls, Lovie Smith's squad that included Urlacher, Briggs, Tillman, and Hester, to head coach Mike Nagy's exciting team. What you'll get: 

Year-end Standings - includes the teams who placed first in Defense and Offense

Club news highlights what happened before and during the season.

Game scores: a summary of each game including yards gained, who scored, and defensive stats.

League news: rule changes, trends, trades, list of rookies and those in their last year

Noteworthy games – high scores, individual performances, top defensive and offensive stats.

Leader board: top Rushers, Passers, Receivers, Scorers, and individual defensive stats

Year-end Awards includes those inducted into the Hall of Fame

Championship Game/Super Bowl outcomes