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  •  How often can I download an e-book?

 Purchasing an e-book? Just once. But you can download a freebie as often as you wish.

  •   How often is Sports Journal Newsletter sent?

 Journal Notes are posted weekly; and a minimum of 4 are sent or are available monthly.  Basketball and Football Journal Notes each get one post, Baseball gets 2 (1 each for the National League and the American League).

  •   When are CSJ Monthly Updates, Additions, and Corrections made?

 Your Sports-Journal e-books do not include pictures, charts, or drawings. Now those items might come in later versions, but what you currently have is a quick-read journal through a specific sport on a year-by-year basis.

 All e-books and freebies undergo periodic revisions and updates. They have to! Why? New facts (yes, new!) often surface after a previous season ends. Case in point: NFL's Deflate Gate or MLB's 2019 sign stealing fiasco was not known until afterwards.

 My editing never stops: sentences are tweaked; the infrequent typo is corrected, a bullet point is positioned elsewhere, and as stated above, newsworthy events that surface much later (i.e. did the Cubs really tank the 1918 World Series?) are then added.

 Updates are perpetual: All 2019 versions will be given a comprehensive update once the season ends. Yearly updates for each sport are posted approximately 1 week after the season is fully completed.

  •  Have a Request or a Comment?

 Want to know more about a particular season, game, or player? Let me know! Wish for a bibliography? A PDF of my many sources are available upon request. If this site has met and exceeded your expectations - let me know!