History of the Chicago Cubs 1967-2020

History of the Chicago Cubs 1967-2020

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       Leo "The Lip" Durocher's popular 1967 team brought a 28+ game turnaround from 1966, lifted the squad to 1st division for the first time in 22 years, and brought hope and dreams of World Series play to the north-side faithful. Well, the Series never happened, but led by 4 Hall of Famers, the Cubbies played 6 years of .500+ ball for the first time since the 1930's.

       Between 1969-1980, one Cub collected his 500th career HR; another extended his NL record consecutive game streak into 1971; Cub pitchers threw 4 no-hitters; Cub batters won 3 BA titles and a HR title. No MVPs nor Rookies of the Year, but 2 pitchers won the coveted Cy Young Award.

       There's more: In 1976, as the club was taking the field, a Cubs CF stopped 2 fans from burning the American flag. In 1979, with a strong wind blowing out, Wrigley fans were sensing a high score and were not surprised: Phillies 23, Cubs 22. Then, in 1981, after owning the club 65 years, the Wrigley family sold the club to the Tribune Company. What followed was a new, exciting era emerged, featuring a young infielder Dallas Green “stole” in a trade. There's so much more, so get started!

  • Yearly Standings, including those teams who placed 1st in Batting, Pitching, and Fielding.
  • Top Cub pitchers and hitters, a list of rookies, and those they obtained in a trade.
  • Club news plus dozens of noteworthy games (the winning or losing pitcher and batting stars)
  • League news, a list of other league games, and year-end awards.