Collection: History of the American League 1901-2020 History of the National League 1901-2020 History of the Chicago Cubs 1901-2020 History of the Chicago White Sox 1901-2020

For the Baseball lover: Sports Journal offers 10 e-books and 12 freebies on this aged, wonderful sport. The list includes both the History of the American League and the History of the National League; each summarizes all seasons from 1901-2020. 

Because so much of Baseball is statistics, check out the AL Players Statistics and the NL Players Statistics. Follow Ruth, Williams, Mays, and other legends! These books also cover the years 1901-2020;

Not to be out-done, The History of the Chicago Cubs and the History of the Chicago White Sox also summarizes all seasons from 1901-2020. All playoffs and World Series accounts are included!

Each book includes All Teams, All Seasons, tons of significant Games, noted Heroes, Stars, and Villains, and yes, your Memories.  It's time to follow your team(s) and find  the answer to this: Were they who you thought they were? There's one way to find out!

Note: One of the freebies includes the Timeline of Negro League Baseball

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