History of the Chicago Bears 1963-2019

History of the Chicago Bears 1963-2019

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This e-book begins with George Halas' final championship. Lombardi's Packers were beaten twice! Mike Ditka was in his 3rd season, and George Allen's defense set 14-game records.Two years later, the Bears drafted 2 future Hall of Famers. You know what follows: the Payton Era, two Super Bowls (one win, one loss), up to Mike Nagy's exciting squad. What you get:  

Year-end Standings - includes the teams who placed first in Defense and Offense

Club news highlights what happened before and during the season.

Game scores: a summary of each game including yards gained, who scored, and defensive stats.

League news: rule changes, trends, trades, list of rookies and those in their last year

Noteworthy games – high scores, individual performances, top defensive and offensive stats.

Leader board: top Rushers, Passers, Receivers, Scorers, and individual defensive stats

Year-end Awards includes those inducted into the Hall of Fame

Championship Game/Super Bowl outcomes